Rural Immersion Site: Vanderhoof


The Town

Vanderhoof is situated at the geographical centre of BC with a population of 4500. This is area is the traditional territory of Saik’uz First Nation. Vanderhoof is a one-hour drive to Prince George. The area has a rich history which can be explored at the museum and throughout the town.  

If you love nature, Vanderhoof is a great place to explore and get involved with the local White Sturgeon Conservation Centre or visit nearby Fraser Lake which is the Swan Capital of the world.  

Vanderhoof feels like home the instant you come to town. The town sits along the Nechako River with plenty of trails to explore.


The Clinical Experience

A Resident can enjoy all the clinical experiences in this community as the sole resident. You will work with a team of GPs that serve a 24 acute care bed and eight bassinet hospital facility. You can enjoy learning from GP-Surgery, GP-Anesthesia, GP-run community oncology program and GP Obstetrics.  Vanderhoof has a busy 24/7 ER and OR. There is so much to learn in Vanderhoof and the team is always excited to teach.  

There is one clinic that the team of physicians work from. You may find yourself going on a home visit, providing long term care or stress testing. The breadth and variety of learning is amazing for a small community. Physicians in this community are very supportive of each other and learners.

Each family practice is very busy and all in one clinic. The hospital and clinic are very close together. There are many supportive services in the community such as physiotherapy, dietician, assisted living, cardiac rehab, mental health and substance use, OT, home support and outreach to surrounding communities.

The nearest referral centre is Prince George that is only one hour drive away.

The Community

There is so much to do in Vanderhoof, they have everything  from an airshow, car show, annual goose run, rodeo, fishing derbies and a farmers market. If you want more adventure there is a fabulous bike trail and park or a relaxing golf game. You can enjoy the nearby skiing at Murray’s Ridge or the Nordic ski trails. Vanderhoof has a pool and arena for the whole family to enjoy.  

If you want to learn more there is a museum and visitor centre that will guide you to many more areas to explore. Vanderhoof is even home to a theatre is you prefer the arts.

The community has four beautiful seasons with many events and activities to keep you and your family engaged in the community. It is a lovely town with some adorable shop s and walking trails.  

Vanderhoof is a very friendly community. The team will be willing to take you on adventures and show you around while you get comfortable in this beautiful town with a an enthusiastic and supportive team of professionals.

As usual, you can enjoy no commute and affordable living.

Enjoy no commute and instant access to nature in this vibrant and welcoming community.


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