Kirti-Aneja-309x300International Medical Graduates are a diverse group from medical schools around the world. Every person’s unique story reflects a broad range of experience, from years of practice to no patient experience at all.

The UBC Faculty of Medicine offers services and evaluations to allow medical doctors who have trained in medical schools outside Canada and the United States to compete for, and obtain, medical residency positions in British Columbia that will lead to licensure for practice. These resources and positions are generously funded by the Government of the Province of British Columbia.

Family Medicine is one of four postgraduate residency training programs at UBC’s Faculty of Medicine that accepts International Medical Graduates in the first iteration of CaRMS.

If you are an IMG and considering applying to UBC’s Family Medicine Residency Program, start by reviewing the requirements, as well as the application and selection process.

More Information

Visit the UBC IMG Office website for further information and resources available to IMGs interested in pursuing residency at UBC.

Return of Service

Please note that successfully matched applicants are required to sign a Return of Service (ROS) contract with the Ministry of Health as a condition of accepting an IMG medical residency position. A copy of the ROS can be found on UBC’s IMG website.