Rural Immersion Site: McBride


The Town

Live where the air is clean, real estate is reasonably priced, and traffic congestion is a thing of the past. McBride has a population of 650 and shares many resources with Valemount. McBride is the traditional territory of the Simpcw First Nation.

You can enjoy the peaceful lifestyle of the valley while bringing much needed expertise to the area. The mountains, the mountains, oh the beauty. McBride is a very inviting and friendly community that will welcome you with open arms and enjoy showing off everything there is to do in the area. You will enjoy being minutes from everything and not spending hours in traffic.

The Clinical Experience

One of the key strengths of our site is the highly supportive multidisciplinary team framework. The McBride team works closely with the Valemount team. You will work in both communities and enjoy working with a team that values collaboration and teamwork. The collective expertise of our team members, including physicians, nurses, mental health professionals, and other allied health professionals, ensures a holistic approach to patient care. This supportive network not only facilitates your professional growth but also enhances the overall learning experience during your residency training into your career as an independent practitioner.

Working within the McBride hospital you’ll have the opportunity to encounter and manage a wide array of clinical scenarios, enhancing your skills and adaptability.  You will have keen preceptors who will be committed to enhancing your learning.   Learning to work with limited available resources will enhance your adaptability.

The McBride & District Hospital has 1 respite bed/1 palliative care room, 24-hour emergency services, full-time laboratory services, full-time x-ray services, 8 long-term care beds, outpatient services, 3 acute-care beds and a spiritual room. Other programs available: medical clinic, mental health and substance use services, primary care services, women’s clinic.

Our preceptors are dedicated to meeting your learning needs, demonstrating enthusiasm for teaching. With a diverse range of experiences from various preceptors, you will benefit from a comprehensive learning environment. Beyond your residency, we are committed to mentoring you into independent practice, ensuring a seamless transition to full-scope care with continuous support.  We actively listen to your areas of need and diligently work to expose you to diverse clinical scenarios, contributing to your professional growth and competence.

Our clinical community actively fosters camaraderie and professional connections. Monthly doctors’ meetings, alternating between McBride and Valemount, provide a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange. These gatherings often extend to dinner, creating a supportive environment. Special events, such as staff rafting trips during the summer and Valemount clinic’s annual Jasper retreat, further strengthen the bonds among healthcare professionals.

The Community

McBride offers a plethora of recreational activities, including hiking, mountain biking, snowmobiling, fishing and hunting. The community has a well-equipped recreation centre with the following facilities; gym, ice rink, curling rinks. These facilities provide residents with ample options to stay active and engaged.

Experience the vibrant local culture through events such as the Bung Bung Festival, featuring professional snowmobilers showcasing daring jumps and locals presenting their vintage snowmobiles.  Engage in curling bonspiels and explore numerous arts and crafts events.  The local library hosts various workshops tailored to children, adding a touch of creativity to the community.  The Little McBride Paper features weekly news and activities. Rural living is unique and you will be amazed at all the free events and local community gatherings.

Every day you will be amazed with the views and the serenity of small town living.

Enjoy no commute and instant access to nature in this vibrant and welcoming community.


Site lead: Dr. Jessica Burian   

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